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Our Full Story

My name is Traci Richey and I am the wife and business partner to my wonderful husband Bo Richey.  Bo has been in the construction business his whole life.  Literally helping with his dad’s framing company from the age of 8.  It was in his blood.  After framing as a partner in his dad’s business he ventured out as a project manager for several other large residential home building companies in the Birmingham area.  While doing so Bo expanded on his personal contracting business as well completing many projects in and around Birmingham.  In 2008 Bo decided to expand on his own business and over the years has completed many residential and commercial projects throughout Birmingham, Mountain Brook, Hoover, Inverness and Cahaba Heights.  In all he has been in the construction business for roughly 37 years. 


The two of us began visiting Smith Lake in 2002.  We quickly fell in love and began spending as much time as possible on the lake.  In 2013 we were able to purchase a lot near Bailey bridge and so began our first “project” on the lake.  We bought a camper and put it on our lot.  We found a boat dock for sale on the lake.  Problem was it was 11 miles away by water.  Well it was an adventure to say the least but we spent a whole day moving that boat dock to our lot.  Bo framed a beautiful gazebo right out over the water that gave us a place to hang out and enjoy the lake while we built.  We had a “Vision” of the perfect lake home and beginning in 2014 we began determined to make it as special to us as possible.  Bo was determined to put as much of himself into the house as he possibly could.  He basically built the house himself.  Along the way he had help from multiple friends and family and for that we will forever be thankful.  I even joined in and loved getting dirty as well.  Bo taught me to lay hardwood, finish concrete, paint and so much more.  We added special touches like custom Bo Richey built vanities.  I was even blessed to have been able to build a beautiful powder bath vanity with MUCH help from my sweet father n law.  It was built using wood that was salvaged from Bo’s grandparent’s farm house years ago.  We enjoyed this time so much and since we had the camper and boat dock was able to have some fun along the way.  Many friendships and memories were made!!

We completed the house and moved in during the early spring of 2015.  We made Smith Lake our home but continued to work in the Birmingham area.  In 2020 we were able to purchase another lot in Arley on Bear Branch.  The lot was beautiful but needed someone with a Vision to make it special.  Bo began clearing the lot thinking he would build a spec home and sell it while the market was hot. 

In the Spring of 2021 we began having not only real estate agents but individuals literally knocking on our door asking us to sell our “perfect” little lake house.  After a lot of praying about it we decided to sell it.  By this time I was in the process of finishing my real estate license course and becoming a real estate agent.  Our little house near Bailey Bridge (The Richey I) was my first sale.  We sold to a precious family who recognized all of the love that went into the house and assured us they would love the house as much as we did.  With so much interest in the house we realized so many people were looking for something special on the lake and had a “vision” of what they loved.  We made a huge decision.  We would build another home on the lake (The Richey II) and not only continue to make Smith Lake our home but we would make Smith Lake our business as well.  We currently are about to complete not only (The Richey II) but we are nearing completion of (The Richey III) and (The Richey IV) is about to break ground. 

I decided to build a website for BRC-LAKE VISION to not only highlight BRC – LAKE VISIONS projects, but along the way show off some of the beauty of Lewis Smith Lake as well.  My husband Bo and I along with our girl Rosie love this area of the lake which is in Arley.  We have met so many people in this quaint town of Arley. Along the way we have met many neighbors which we now call friends.  We look forward to being an active part of the Lewis Smith Lake Community for many years to come and hope people enjoy our journey along the way. 

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